Change Leadership

Personal Impact Programme & Virtual Programme

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Download our programme brochure here.


David Wells

– Head of Pathology Services,
Healthcare Sector

Veronica Guthrie

– Head of Human Resources,
YMCA England & Wales

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Providing effective personal leadership that gets results through others is a significant challenge. Delivered both in-person and virtually, Personal Impact Leadership is a powerful programme designed to increase participants’ ability to lead change, improve teamwork, enhance performance and ultimately deliver better business results.

Our focus is developing the broad range of behaviours that will set leaders up for current and future success, including:

  • Enhancing quality leadership thinking – to develop strategic thinking, questioning and solution-spotting skills.
  • Boosting interpersonal skills – to improve clarity and content of communication and increase persuasiveness.
  • Channelling energy and passion – to become an inspiring and transforming leader.
  • Forging mental toughness – to build self-confidence and assertiveness.
  • Setting clear direction – to gain strategic alignment and show enthusiasm and staying power in the face of change.
  • Increasing self awareness – to adapt to others and develop strong working relationships.
  • Developing others – to realise potential through the use of effective coaching and delegation.

Would your high-potential managers benefit from developing their personal impact as leaders? Are you looking to enhance leadership capability within your team?