Personal Impact Leadership
Open Programme

Join a cross-section of leaders and learn how to tackle a defined leadership challenge and reach your highest potential

Discover how to break habits, challenge attitudes, and change behaviours so that you and your company can continually evolve

Transform your leadership impact with psychology-led advice backed by behavioural science

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About Changing Point

Creating Culture of Collaboration - Changing Point

About Changing Point

Your people have the potential to transform your business. Through the power of behavioural science, we help you connect your people to your organisational strategy for maximum positive impact.

Led by Gordon Callum, Founder, and Jayne Ruff, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Changing Point is a boutique behavioural change consultancy. With offices in London and Glasgow, we service clients across the UK and globally.

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Creating Culture of Collaboration - Changing Point

About this Programme

This open programme follows a similar structure to our signature Personal Impact Leadership programme, but is open to delegates from multiple organisations and a cross-section of industries. The programme starts in October 2023 and runs over a 6-month period, each interactive and challenging session encourages new thinking across key leadership competencies, including:

Enhancing quality leadership thinking
To progress from a management to a leadership mindset

Boosting interpersonal skills
To improve clarity and content of communication and increase persuasiveness

Channelling energy and passion
To become an inspiring and transforming leader

Forging mental toughness
To build self-confidence and assertiveness

Setting clear direction
To gain strategic alignment and show enthusiasm and staying power in the face of change

Increasing self awareness
To adapt to others and develop strong working relationships

Developing others
To realise potential through the use of effective coaching and delegation


Programme Structure and Format

The open programme comprises 12 fortnightly two-hour long workshops.

A Defined Challenge

From the first session each participant will focus on applying new ideas to their own clearly defined leadership challenge – agreed with their line manager during a pre-programme meeting and reviewed again during a post-programme meeting.

Personality Profiling

Each participant will also complete a well-established personality psychometric, and explore the unique insights outlined in their personality profile as part of the programme.

Small Group, Big Results

Numbers per programme are restricted to a maximum of twelve like-minded individuals to provide sufficient 1:1 coaching time during sessions.

Why enrol in this programme?

PILP is a powerful programme providing the opportunity to step back from day- to-day pressures and explore how to provide effective leadership that gets results through others.

We all like to operate within our comfort zone. It’s warm, reassuring and familiar. It can also be the barrier to successful development and growth.

The Personal Impact Leadership Programme stretches people outside of their comfort zone a little at a time, helping them to reach their true leadership potential.

By focusing on real-life leadership challenges, programme participants immediately apply new behaviours to issues they are currently facing, and instantly increase their personal impact. Regular feedback and coaching throughout this highly practical programme ensures that new leadership confidence and behaviours are effectively embedded back in the workplace.

Want to find out more?

Register your interest and we will be in touch to discuss the programme in more detail with you and get you enrolled. We take a maximum of 3 individuals from each organisation on any open programme and 12 delegates in total. Spaces fill up fast so register interest today to get started.

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