How We Do It

Connecting people to organisational strategy and processes.

How We Do It

Techniques and Tools

We use a combination of facilitation techniques and diagnostic tools to ensure our interventions deliver maximum personal and business impact.


Our tailored coaching programmes offer leaders and emerging leaders highly specific and targeted 1:1 development to stretch comfort zones and explore new challenges and opportunities.

All of our executive coaches are highly qualified and have a range of coaching experience across industry sectors and leadership levels.

Facilitated Workshops

Changing Point delivers facilitated workshops on a wide range of topics relating to organisational development and change. All of our workshops are grounded in the latest psychological and business research.

Our workshops are highly interactive and practical. Our primary aim is to support individuals in the application of learning at work.

Raising awareness of existing habits, attitudes and behaviours is a critical first step to achieving successful organisational development and change.

Diagnostic Tools

Changing Point’s range of diagnostic tools helps individuals, teams and departments recognise and reflect on the current state, and then identify what needs to change in order to realise the ideal future.

  • Insights Discovery
  • Leadership 360° Feedback
  • Change Readiness
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Effectiveness


Insights Discovery

Changing Point uses Insights Discovery to unlock the colour potential in everyone.

Insights Discovery creates a common colours based language that helps to increase self-awareness and build better working relationships with colleagues, customers and clients.

The simple web-based Insights Discovery Evaluator takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and explores preferred decision-making, communication, thinking, behavioural and leadership styles. We then generate unique Insights Discovery Profiles for every individual.

Profiles can be shared on a one-to-one basis, as part of a coaching programme or during a team workshop. We use interactive, thought provoking and engaging exercises to challenge thinking based on colour preferences, aligning the profile outputs to the issues that matter most to the business.

We can also generate an Insights Discovery Team Wheel to explore a team’s working dynamic, highlighting collective strengths and exploring opportunities for improvement and development.


Leadership 360° Feedback

Changing Point’s 360° Feedback process challenges individual perceptions, increases self-awareness and ultimately drives behavioural change at an individual and organisational level.

Based on our seven tried and tested leadership competencies, our 360° Feedback offers individuals the breadth and depth of insight they need to stretch their thinking to the next level.

A short online 360° Feedback Questionnaire is completed by the individual, his/her line manager and a number of peers, direct reports and/or external customers. Ratings are given for key leadership and management behaviours, with the option to add written comments to help bring the feedback to life.

The whole process is anonymous, with all feedback consolidated to generate a personal 360° Feedback Report for every individual. Reports are shared by an experienced Changing Point coach and discussed at depth with individuals on a 1:1 basis.



Uses high-impact communication, negotiation and influencing skills to influence upwards, win stakeholder buy-in and gain team co-operation.



Thinks and questions critically, adopts a future focus and deals effectively with ambiguity to ensure the right business challenge is solved.



Embraces change, makes tough decisions and drives organisational alignment to realise the vision and deliver the strategy.



Challenges the status-quo, spots opportunities for improvement and takes risks to create an environment where innovation can flourish.



Coaches and delegates, whilst effectively handling under performance, to support the continued development of individuals and teams.



Inspires, motivates and engages others to create a positive and balanced work environment where high performance can be achieved.



Regularly networks and shows self-awareness and a flexible leadership style to build trust and develop strong working relationships.


Change Readiness

Changing Point’s Change Readiness Tool evaluates strengths and gaps across four change dimensions: vision, innovation, climate and blueprints.

04. Blueprints
  • Procedures
  • Clarity
  • Progress

03. Climate
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Support

01. Vision
  • Puurpose
  • Results
  • Deliverables

02. Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Agility
  • Engagement

We facilitate Change Readiness Workshops to help organisations interpret and explore data themes within the current change context. Questionnaire outputs are also shared within a detailed Change Readiness Report.

The insights obtained from the Change Readiness Tool help organisations to effectively prepare for, implement and sustain organisational change.


Employee Engagement Survey

Changing Point’s Employee Engagement Survey and Report provides a comprehensive understanding of how the organisation is currently thinking and feeling.

Survey questions are combined to provide scores across eight business-related categories.

We recognise that every organisation is different and that some survey questions may be more appropriate than others for your situation. There may also be additional important questions or categories that you would like to include.

The survey can be easily adapted to include the questions that you want to ask your employees, and exclude any that are not relevant. We will support you to ensure that you ask the right questions to achieve the right outputs.


Team Effectiveness

Our Team Effectiveness Surveys are designed to give a snap shot of the current state and gather insights from team members on what needs to happen to ensure future success. They will:

  • Measure perceived strengths and weaknesses within the current team context
  • Establish the degree of alignment across the team
  • Identify behaviours that are crucial to change success, and any blockers that stand in the way
  • Acknowledge existing strengths that must be built on, and barriers that must be overcome

Outputs from Team Effectiveness Survey are shared as part of a facilitated workshop. Surveys can be repeated after 12 months to assess any specific changes in the data gathered.


Programme Success and Improvement

At Changing Point, we recognise the importance of evaluation not just as a measure of programme success, but also as an indicator of the need for continuous improvement and on-going development.

Why is this important?

This is particularly important within the context of organisational development and change, where programmes require constant review and improvement in order to align with and meet evolving requirements.

Using recognised evaluation methodologies such as the Training Evaluation Model (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick), Nine Outcomes Model (Donovan & Townsend) and Organizational Elements Model (Kaufman, Keller, & Watkins), we adopt a holistic approach to measuring the tangible personal, organisational and financial outcomes from our interventions.