Life Technologies faced the challenge of maintaining stability, motivation and performance in a world where reacting quickly to new opportunities for growth requires change and realignment on a frequent basis. Life Technologies felt it was imperative in this world to embrace a more supportive approach to selling. This approach required the true adoption of CRM and a much closer understanding and scrutiny of sales metrics.

It was recognised that the leadership team within Life Technologies was pivotal in making this evolution a success. However it was also recognised that this team was frequently asked to make changes quickly, with an expectation that there would be no drop in performance or increase in staff turnover. During the period, however, the performance of the team did drop and an increased turnover of staff was noticed


ChangingPoint worked with Life Technologies to co-design a solution for their specific needs. Offering a different approach, they launched an engaging change programme across the organisation.

The participants represented the international nature of the business. Working with Life Technologies at the European Senior Level, the seven top members of the largest team were inspired with personal belief and commitment in the team’s plan. They took on the personal responsibility of becoming change leaders. They took the key message around leading change and cascaded it down to the next level of management to help them be more skilled and successful managers.

A common vision and cohesiveness was borne.


ChangingPoint helped Life Technologies change the attitudes of their people; they became more confident, relaxed and yet open to resolving their differences in values and approach.

ChangingPoint’s investment in the team’s ‘soft skills’ complemented the technical ‘hard skills’ Life Technologies already had in process and policy.

The benefits particularly in the last 12 months have been significant. As a result of this programme, employee engagement has increased, CRM is now used across the board and leadership has become significantly more confident and competent across the business.

Not only that, through the later half of the year,  performance increased, no doubt in part to the work done with ChangingPoint. The team in EMEA is now recognised across Life Technologies worldwide as leaders of CRM and Change Management.


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