Our Approach

Get to know who we are. We work for you by working with you, because trully amazing things come from collaboration.

Our Approach

We apply the latest research in psychology and business best-practice to challenge behaviours and transform performance.

Organisations invest significant time and energy in perfecting new policies, strategies and processes. The people challenges of implementing these changes effectively are often underestimated. This can result in resistance, silo entrenchment and even sabotage.

We help our clients to strike the right balance.

Behavioural Change Cycle
Disrupting comfort zones to deliver long-lasting results.
What We Do
Our organisational development and change services.
How We Do It
How we work with our clients

Behavioural Change Cycle

Changing Point believes that the most effective way to break habits, change attitudes and develop new behaviours is to provide on-going opportunity to immediately apply new thinking and ideas to current workplace challenges.

Our approach stretches individuals and teams outside of their comfort zone a little at a time, embedding high-impact behaviours and a new organisational culture.

Behavioural Change Cycle


What are our existing habits and why should we change?


What are the consequences of existing habits and how might we change for the better?


What does this change look like in practice and how will we implement this in the workplace?


What are the results so far and how can we sustain success?


What We Do

Aligning Minds

We help our clients align minds to transform business performance across a variety of organisational development and change challenges, including the following…



Setting clear direction, aligning teams and inspiring people is key to continued organisational evolution. We help organisations develop strong internal change leadership capabilities; ensuring leaders and their teams are always change-ready.



Whether nurturing it, building it, or repairing it, a great work environment with strong values and behaviours will attract top talent, engage employees, and earn the respect of customers. We work closely with organisations to realise the value and enhance the impact of a positive culture in enhancing organisational performance.



Effective teamwork and collaboration are essential to on-going organisational development. We help teams to clarify objectives, improve communication and decision making, and build cross-functional relationships to successfully align with other departments in the delivery of great results today, and in the future.



Organisational structure and processes must support positive behavioural changes, rather than block them. We work with organisations to identify behavioural change barriers, reduce unnecessary complexity and increase efficiency across teams and departments.



A high impact organisational strategy requires continued alignment and the flexibility to evolve with changing demands. We work closely with leadership teams to explore organisational legacy, today’s reality and the ideal future, in order to generate, articulate and engage people in a cohesive way forward.

How We Do It

Connecting people to organisational strategy and processes.

We use a combination of diagnostic tools, facilitation and coaching techniques to ensure our interventions deliver maximum personal and business impact. Working closely with our clients, we diagnose the real barriers to change and co-design customised solutions.


  • Collectively define programme aims and objectives
  • Establish key habits and behaviours to be developed
  • Align to wider business strategy / initiatives


  • Design a bespoke learning and development experience
  • Link learning to well-established behavioural change methodology
  • Include topics and themes that ensure practical application


  • Facilitate practical learning that promotes new behaviours
  • Create a supportive environment that stretches comfort zones
  • Ensure learning maintains momentum and embeds new thinking


  • Review progress on tangible individual, team and business measures
  • Analyse programme impact and return on investment
  • Develop a follow through strategy to continue application of learning

Examples of Organisational Development and Change Programmes that we have supported.

  • Challenging senior leaders to step away from day-to-day operations and to think and behave more strategically.
  • Breaking down cross-functional barriers to support enhanced communication, collaboration and innovation.
  • Assessing current culture to establish existing strengths and development opportunities across the business.
  • Developing manager confidence and capability to lead change and create a change-agile team culture.
  • Identifying and developing internal talent and future business leaders.
  • Building an aligned customer service focus across business units.
  • Developing others – to realise potential through the use of effective coaching and delegation.