What We Do

Transforming business performance.

What We Do

Transforming Business Performance

We help our clients align minds to transform business performance across a variety of organisational development and change challenges, including the following.


Facilitating Strategy Development and Implementation

When it comes to defining organisational strategy, an often-overlooked first step is ensuring true alignment at the leadership level towards a shared vision.

This may sound simple. However, each leader likely has their unique view of the world. Changing Point works closely with leadership teams to facilitate reflection and open discussion on organisational legacy, today’s reality and the ideal future, in order to generate a cohesive way forward.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to strategic development and implementation, helping leaders to focus on all aspects of strategic thinking (possible futures) in relation to effective strategic leadership (people) and strategic management (process).


Enhancing Change Leadership and Change Management

Within today’s constantly changing environment, we must be willing to explore new ideas, adapt to unpredictable challenges and uncover smarter ways of working.

The ability to motivate staff, work well across cultures and facilitate change is crucial to organisational development. Yet there remains a clear leadership capability gap when it comes to setting clear direction, aligning people to change and inspiring them to follow on the change journey.

Changing Point helps organisations develop strong internal change leadership and change management capability; ensuring leaders are change-ready and equipped to drive change forward.


Supporting Structural Change and Process Simplification

It’s essential that the structures and processes in place support necessary change, rather than block it.

Yet when we’re heads down and working in a fast-paced environment, we don’t always stop and question why we do things the way we do, and what we need to be doing differently.

Changing Point works with organisations to help them reduce unnecessary complexity and inefficiency to ensure they are focused on the right things.


Developing New and Existing Teams

As organisations continually evolve, so do the teams within them. On-going change, constant re-alignment across the business.

Failing to do so creates feelings of ‘us’ and ‘them’ and ‘not my problem’ attitudes. This can result dysfunctional working behaviours.

Effective teamwork and open communication are essential to supporting on-going evolutionary success.

Changing Point supports new and existing teams to work better together, clarify shared objectives and collectively deliver great results.


Unifying Organisational Culture

They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is certainly true when it comes reaping the benefits from a unified organisational culture.

On the flip side, a lack of clear alignment and connection between results in silo working and a culture of blame over collaboration.

Culture change doesn’t happen overnight. Organisations must be committed to making change happen step by step.

Changing Point works closely with organisations throughout this journey by helping to facilitate the necessary shifts in habits, attitudes and behaviours over time in order to create cultural alignment.