We align minds to transform performance

We believe people are at the heart of every business, and here’s why:

  • Leaders set the vision for organisational success and must continuously build trust and engage their teams on that journey.
  • Workplace culture is shaped by employees’ attitudes, behaviours and actions, and has the potential to accelerate or block the route to organisational progress and growth
  • Collaborative organisations with strong cross-functional relationships deliver bigger, better business results.
  • Buy-in to organisational change is most successful when leaders convincingly appeal to hearts and minds, and authentically respond to feelings of uncertainty.
  • Teams who can genuinely understand and proactively respond to customer and client needs have a clear competitive advantage.
  • An organisation that promotes self-awareness, and values diverse perspectives, benefits from greater employee effectiveness, change readiness, team performance, and workplace well-being.

Our practical solutions, underpinned by the latest thinking in psychology, will ensure that the brain and the heart of your business work together in harmony. We use a combination of research, consulting, facilitation, and coaching techniques to ensure our solutions deliver maximum personal and business impact.

By positively challenging how people think, feel, and behave at work, we align minds to transform performance.

Our story

ChangingPoint was founded in 2004 by Gordon Callum. Having spent the previous 20 years working as a senior leader in the pharmaceuticals industry, Gordon spotted that there was a fundamental problem with the way companies communicated, led, and embedded change.

Focus was too often given to updating strategies, policies, and systems, when what commonly stood in the way of eventual change success was a misalignment of people within the change process.

Two decades on, we’ve seen a digital revolution in change management, but the same problems still exist; in fact, if anything the digitisation of processes and systems has made the challenge of people-focused change leadership even more acute.

Where We Are Now

A group of cheerful people giving a high-five in a circle, celebrating teamwork and success in a bright, sunlit room.

Where We Are Now

Today, ChangingPoint continues to put people at the heart of our client solutions, which focus on workplace change implementation and leadership impact development. We believe this passion comes across in the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise we bring to every client project.

ChangingPoint is now led by Jayne Ruff, Managing Director and Chartered Occupational Psychologist. Jayne’s work as an organisational psychologist has seen her diagnose, design, and deliver global behavioural change initiatives for world-leading organisations. Jayne, who is Gordon’s daughter, joined and set up ChangingPoint’s London office in 2014, bringing a fresh perspective on the application of behavioural science to solve business challenges.

A group of cheerful people giving a high-five in a circle, celebrating teamwork and success in a bright, sunlit room.
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Our Approach

As a team we combine extensive business experience with deep psychological insight to provide clients with unique change leadership consultancy solutions. Jayne’s aspiration for ChangingPoint is to continue positively challenging mindsets and behaviours across organisations to ultimately transform performance and deliver lasting change success.

Gordon and Jayne work in partnership with a trusted team of ChangingPoint Associates who each bring their own unique organisational development and change credentials. We are proud to share our team’s diverse consulting, facilitation, and coaching experience with clients to address their specific organisational development and change needs.

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Our Values

ChangingPoint continues to evolve but our values and mission stay this same. We’ve grown from our Scottish roots to servicing multinational companies across Europe, the US, Africa and Asia. Whatever the company size or location, we look to build long-lasting client relationships based on trust and mutual respect, with some partnerships continuing across 10 years and more.

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We positively challenge

We respect that you are the expert of your own world. By observing, listening, and asking the right questions, we can really understand what people are seeing and feeling. We encourage people to become aware of and challenge their habits and behaviours, supporting them in making positive change.

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We care about your business

We build long-term relationships with team members, clients and suppliers. As a trusted partner, we support you in delivering the results you need.
Your challenges are our challenges.

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We inspire action

We bring a contagious energy that motivates people to engage and believe in people’s potential, building their confidence. By encouraging people to think big and take continuous action, we help them to achieve more than they thought possible.

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Personal impact Leadership

A powerful programme designed to break habits, challenge attitudes, and change behaviours so that you and your company can continually evolve.

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ChangingPoint Leadership & Exec Coaching - ChangingPoint

Universal Change Leadership

A unique change management programme using the latest thinking from behavioural science to help leaders engage, align, and inspire their people through organisational change.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

ChangingPoint’s science-backed 1:1 leadership and executive coaching uses established behavioural change methods to enhance individual impact and deliver tangible business results.

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