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The step up from management to leadership requires a new set of skills and behaviours to succeed. Delivered in-person and virtually, the Personal Impact Leadership Programme (PILP) is designed to increase your ability to deliver better business results through others.

We use our in-depth understanding of leadership psychology to develop the broad range of behaviours that will set leaders up for current and future success, including:

  • Enhancing quality leadership thinking – to develop strategic thinking, effective questioning, and solution-spotting skills.
  • Boosting interpersonal skills – to improve clarity and content of communication and increase persuasiveness.
  • Channelling energy and passion – to become an inspiring and transforming leader.
  • Developing others – to realise the teams’ potential through effective coaching and delegation.
  • Forging mental toughness – to build self-confidence, resilience, and assertiveness.
  • Setting clear direction – to achieve strategic alignment and engagement during time of change.
  • Increasing self-awareness – to adapt to others and develop strong working relationships.

Leadership Mindset: Confronting the Comfort Zone

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Leadership Mindset: Confronting the Comfort Zone

We all like to operate within our comfort zone. It’s warm, reassuring and familiar. It can also be the biggest barrier to successful development and growth.

The Personal Impact Leadership Programme stretches you outside of your comfort zone a little at a time, helping you reach your true leadership potential.

By focusing on real-life leadership challenges, you can immediately apply new behaviours to issues you are currently facing, and instantly increase your personal impact.

Regular feedback and coaching throughout this highly practical programme ensures that new leadership confidence and behaviours are effectively embedded back in the workplace.

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Leadership challenges

As a leader, you’re constantly challenged, especially in today’s volatile, complex and often ambiguous world. In your day-to-day role, these challenges present themselves in many different ways…

  • A recent promotion to a senior management position with several direct reports
  • Stepping away from day-to-day operations to think and behave more strategically
  • Building and retaining a high performing team in a highly competitive marketplace for talent
  • Motivating, inspiring and supporting a team through on-going change and uncertainty
  • Improving cooperation and collaboration between teams to increase group performance
  • Developing others’ potential through the use of effective coaching and delegation

No matter what type of challenges you face now or in the future, our programme equips you with the knowledge, experience, and types of behaviours you need in order to overcome those challenges.

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Why choose ChangingPoint for Leadership Development?

Organisations invest significant time and energy in perfecting new policies, strategies and processes. The people challenges of implementing these changes effectively are often underestimated. This can result in resistance, silo entrenchment and even sabotage.

We apply the latest research in psychology and business best-practice to challenge behaviours and transform performance. Embracing the ChangingPoint approach, our clients continually evolve by energising and connecting their people to organisational strategy and processes.

Our philosophy is grounded in psychology and incorporates our vast experience working with organisations of all different sizes and specialities.

Leadership Programme Structure and Format

We work with you to define a programme structure and format that meets your specific business needs. A typical Personal Impact Leadership Programme could include the following elements:

1 Leadership 360° Feedback

ChangingPoint’s leadership 360° feedback assessment provides detailed numerical and written feedback against seven well-researched leadership competencies.

Our 1:1 feedback debriefs focus on increasing personal leadership impact by identifying specific leadership strengths to build on and development areas to address.

These insights inform the personal impact leadership challenges that individuals work towards throughout their personal impact leadership programme.

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01. Influencer

Uses high-impact communication, negotiation and influencing skills to influence upwards, win stakeholder buy-in and gain team co-operation.

02. Innovator

Challenges the status-quo, spots opportunities for improvement and takes risks to create an environment where innovation can flourish.

03. Energiser

Inspires, motivates and engages others to create a positive and balanced work environment where high performance can be achieved.

04. Strategic Thinker

Thinks and questions critically, adopts a future focus and deals effectively with ambiguity to ensure the right business challenge is solved.

05. People Developer

Coaches and delegates, whilst effectively handling under performance, to support the continued development of individuals and teams.

06. Relationship Builder

Regularly networks and shows self-awareness and a flexible leadership style to build trust and develop strong working relationships.

07. Direction Setter

Embraces change, makes tough decisions and drives organisational alignment to realise the vision and deliver the strategy.

2 Personality Assessment

ChangingPoint uses well-established personality assessments to increase leadership self-awareness and understanding of different personality types at work.

The Insights Discovery personality assessment explores how our personality preferences influence the way we think, behave, and interact with others. Individual profiles support personal development, while team sessions investigate collective strengths and challenges to build stronger working relationships, enhance teamwork and encourage effective collaboration.

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3 Leadership Workshops

ChangingPoint’s interactive leadership workshops offer practical tools and techniques that will enhance leadership confidence and develop new leadership behaviours.

By focusing on real-life personal impact leadership challenges – agreed with line managers during a pre-programme meeting and reviewed again during a post-programme meeting – participants immediately apply new thinking to issues they are currently facing, and instantly increase their personal leadership impact.

We deliver a series of leadership workshops over an agreed timeframe to support sustained positive behavioural change. Workshop numbers are restricted to a maximum of 15 leaders.

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Sample Programme Structure

Infographic of a 6-month leadership development program timeline with key milestones including workshops, coaching sessions, and 360 assessments.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

ChangingPoint offers targeted 1:1 leadership and executive coaching aligned to specific development needs. We use the latest psychological research to design and deliver rigorous coaching experiences that inspire leaders to open their minds to different perspectives. Personal Impact Leadership Programmes can also include 1:1 leadership and executive coaching if desired.

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Personal Impact Leadership Open Programme


Personal Impact Leadership Open Programme

Every year we run an open programme following a similar structure and format as our bespoke Personal Impact Leadership Programme, but open to individuals from different organisations and across all industries. Capped at 12 delegates, this offers a unique opportunity to learn from varied perspectives and diverse challenges. The next 6-month open programme kicks off in October 2023 and January 2024.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Leadership is defined as the act of leading a group of people or an organisation, which requires a certain set of skills and behaviours. The first step to teaching these skills is to raise awareness of the current habits and behaviours that support effective leadership and those that might stand in the way. With an open mind, it’s possible to discover and put into practice new behaviours that promote leadership growth, from setting strategic direction and managing change through to effective delegation and developing others.

Leadership development programmes can offer significant personal and business benefits. The secret to success is in their alignment to current individual and organisational objectives. We value getting to know participants and the teams in which they work to ensure that our practical solutions will target their specific needs. These insights also help us to define clear measures of success which are used to evaluate programme outcomes. We also know that promoting sustained, positive behavioural change takes time. We believe the most effective way to achieve long-lasting leadership development results is to deliver programmes in bite-size chunks. This supports the on-going application of learning to real-time leadership challenges, enhancing day-to-day leadership impact.

The step up from management to leadership requires a new set of skills and behaviours that may differ from those which led to promotion into a more senior position. New leaders often struggle to ‘let go’ of the technical aspects of their role and make the mindset shift needed to successfully deliver results through others. Left unchallenged, these habits and behaviours can result in micromanagement, disengagement and underperformance. What’s more, in today’s ever-evolving working world, leaders at all levels benefit from an openness to learning and curiosity towards personal growth. Our leadership programmes open minds to new ways of thinking and support in the application of new behaviours to current leadership challenges, from increasing collaboration across a newly hybrid-working team to enhancing engagement within a multi-generational workforce.

Leadership programmes offer the opportunity to step back from day-to-day pressures and more consciously consider how to maximise your leadership impact. This safe space for reflection helps you to identify the habits and behaviours that are serving you well and where you would benefit most from making some changes. Setting real-time personal development goals throughout the programme will support you in the instant application of fresh ideas once back to work, constantly enhancing your leadership impact over time. Our coaches will offer positive challenge throughout the programme to help you stretch your comfort zone and embed new behaviours, step by step.