Universe of Change

Get to know who we are. We work for you by working with you, because trully amazing things come from collaboration.

Universe of Change

Applying new thinking and ideas to current workplace challenges.

Universe of Change

Comfort Zones

We all like to operate within our comfort zone. It’s warm, reassuring and familiar. It can also be the barrier to successful organisational change, development and growth.

Changing Attitudes and Behaviours

Changing Point believes that the most effective way to break habits, change attitudes and develop new behaviours is to provide on-going opportunity to immediately apply new thinking and ideas to current workplace challenges.

Applying a blend of consulting, facilitation, coaching and mentoring, we adopt a modular format that stretches individuals, teams and organisations outside of their comfort zone a little at a time.

This starts with building awareness of the need for change and the habits, attitudes and behaviours that could be holding us back.

A process of discovery follows. The introduction of new thinking lets us explore alternative approaches and see things from a number of different perspectives.

Then it’s time to put the learning into action through the practical application of new ideas.

Effective follow through gives us time to reflect on what’s worked well and increases our awareness of ways to expand our comfort zone further.

By maintaining momentum through a regular frequency of contact, we enable and embed sustained positive behavioural change.

The Universe of Change

Facilitating Strategy Development & Implementation
Enhancing Change Leadership & Management
Supporting Structural Change & Process Simplification
Developing New & Existing Teams
Unifying Organisational Culture
4. FOLLOW THROUGH What are the results so far and how can we sustain success?
1. AWARENESS What are our existing habits and what should we change
2. DISCOVERY What are the consequences of existing habits and how might we change for the better?
3. APPLICATION What does this change look like in practice and how will we implement this in the workplace?