20 Sep 2023

4.30pm BST | Duration: 30 minutes
From Resistance to Engagement
The Secret to Driving Successful Change

Join our behavioural change experts to learn how
to win organisation-wide buy-in to your initiatives

Discover the underlying reasons why people resist change
so you can empathise and strategise appropriately

Transform your leadership impact with science-backed,
psychology-led advice you can put into action today

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Presented by

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Jayne Ruff

Managing Director & Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Gordon Callum

Founder of Changing Point

Webinar Details

Do you know why it’s hard to bring people with you on the change journey? It’s often because the psychological impact of change isn't getting the attention it needs. Join us to discover how leaders can navigate the emotional and behavioural responses to change and build alignment among individuals and teams.

Here's what you'll learn:

Collaborative approaches you can utilise to build trust in the change and motivate your entire team to move from working in silo to in sync

Practical strategies you can apply to provide clarity and reassurance to your team during times of change

Actionable steps you can follow to communicate the highs and lows of change in a fast-paced world and lead people out of their comfort zones for maximum impact

Changing Point invites senior leaders and managers who are responsible for leading organisational change, want to build trust, belief, and buy-in across the company, and strive to improve their Change Leadership and communication skills.

About Changing Point

Creating Culture of Collaboration - Changing Point

About Changing Point

Your people have the potential to transform your business. Through the power of behavioural science, we help you connect your people to your organisational strategy for maximum impact.

Led by Gordon Callum, Founder, and Jayne Ruff, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Changing Point is a boutique behavioural change consultancy. With offices in London and Glasgow, we service clients across the UK and globally.

Creating Culture of Collaboration - Changing Point