Established in 1969, GAP Hire Solutions is the UK’s leading independent equipment hire company. With 10 divisions and over 175 locations across the UK, the company provides everything from dumpers, diggers and tools to track mats and portable toilets. One UK region within GAP Group was facing numerous operational challenges. In order to tackle these issues and enhance change leadership capabilities, their Regional Operations Director (ROD) took part in our Personal Impact Leadership Programme.

He has provided a first-hand account of the challenges that needed to be addressed and shared valuable insights into the benefits of the programme. Here’s what he had to say…

The reasons why GAP Group approached ChangingPoint

The GAP Group region that I inherited had been making significant operating losses every month, and its agency costs were out of control. Employee costs were also taking a heavy toll, accounting for a staggering 35.6% of the hire revenue, putting the region’s financial health at risk.

To make matters worse, the region was struggling with a lack of direction and vision, leading to low employee morale and a loss of trust of local and national leaders.

The poor condition of the company’s regional properties, assets and welfare facilities was further compounding the problem; employees were feeling the effects of inadequate housekeeping and standards, causing a loss of team pride.

The company’s operational costs were also taking a hit due to top-heavy transport and low vehicle utilisation. Finally, the poor operations structure had led to inefficiencies and disjointed processes.

The Personal Impact Leadership Programme delivered by ChangingPoint

One of the most important factors in the success of the Personal Impact Leadership Programme for GAP Group was the emphasis on building trusted leadership. The goal was learning how to foster a positive and supportive work environment, where employees feel valued and motivated to perform at their best.


Here are the key steps I took as Regional Operations Director to not only improve team morale and productivity but also help to rebuild the trust of local and national leaders.

Trusted Leadership

  • Set out to win hearts and minds of the team
  • Take a genuine interest in each individual including external interest & family life
  • Generate an open conversational feel
  • Deliver reform or support on individual challenge raised
  • Listen with empathy and authenticity
  • Walk and talk to the team during the first hour of branch visit


  • Quick Fix required to see the opportunity ahead, using the art of delegation
  • Delegated responsibility to deputy to collate a team to spend three days onsite to:
  • Review and action reduction programme weeks payback with continual monitoring
  • Set out operational process
  • Clearance of aged assets
  • Improve site safety

Change Leadership

  • Team meetings to discuss the need for change
  • One to one assessment of each team member and review
  • Understand individual challenges in each colleague’s role
  • Defined future structure aware of individual strengths & weaknesses

Change leadership ChangingPoint case study


  • New Depot General Manager identified and promoted from within the team
  • Understand skill gaps
  • Organise support network introduction
  • Develop the plan allowing GM to lead thoughts on challenges ahead
  • Coach GM using open questions on what they would do, avoiding any offer of solutions
  • Encourage self-belief

Inspirational Leadership

  • Generate observational problems during branch visits
  • Encourage the team to question
  • Ask questions around individuals’ thoughts and ideas to take the business forward

Inspirational leadership ChangingPoint case study


By the end of the Personal Impact Leadership Programme, my Region was regularly delivering monthly operating profits ahead of budget, with agency costs at zero and employee costs at 19.3% of hire revenue.

Regional Operations Director visits were no longer stressful for the team and morale improved significantly, with trust in the company and Senior Management Team restored. My regional team evolved from having a Cautious Mindset to having a Curious Mindset.

The company made crucial investments in property and welfare facilities, allowing for a more engaged and productive workforce. Significant investment was also made on new assets.

At the next SHE audit in the region, the Auditor providing feedback that it was the best they had ever seen at the branch.

Don’t let your company get left behind in times of change. Discover how Personal Impact Leadership Programme can help you gain the skills and confidence to effectively manage change and lead your team to success.

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