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Hyatt Hotels Corporation

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 13 premier brands, including over 700 properties in 57 countries. With over half a century of visionary experience in their industry, they are considered one of the top hospitality companies in the world. In such a demanding and competitive economy across a diverse range of cultures, innovation is vital to the sustainability of success for their organisation. Their people are at the core of what drives their vision forward.

Changing Point had a sit down with Hyatt’s Regional Vice President – EMEA & SWA, Melissa Masitto, to learn more about how they continue to make innovation a key component in their formula for success through times of change.

Q: Why do you believe empowering your people to engage, create and innovate is so important?

  • melissa-masitto

    – “In today’s world, our jobs simply aren’t 9-5 anymore. There is no manual that can cover everything that your team will encounter. So, within such a dynamic and engaging environment, why wouldn’t we also encourage this from our team?! Therefore, we are peeling back scripts because authenticity beats perfection every time. They are closest to the daily challenges, and usually have solutions that they are burning to share, if only someone will listen. By unleashing the team, we are able to solve our businesses needs and have fun doing so. We create a team of thinkers instead of just doers, which makes each day more interesting.”

Q: How do you utilize your organisations’ diversity in such a global sector?

  • melissa-masitto

    – “Our company is strengthened by us recognising and appreciating the varied backgrounds of the people we serve, as well as the people within our company. That awareness and acceptance of diversity of thought, differences in communication, life view, and definition of health and family are crucial elements of our success. World of Hyatt, one of our ways of offering diversity amongst customer rewards, is one example of how we believe that a little understanding goes a long way. Listening, noticing others, extending a meaningful gesture can make all the difference in helping people be their best. Also, understanding inspires loyalty.”

Q: What are some ways you create environments that encourage ‘fail often to succeed sooner’ behaviours?

  • melissa-masitto

    – “We encourage our people to share your own failures, congratulate the team for trying something new, and sharing their learnings for how they will try it differently next time. To deter people from being so afraid to make mistakes, you have to create an environment of safety before they feel they can try things that may fail.”

Q: What results have you seen from having ‘Creativity’ as a core company value?

  • melissa-masitto
    – “Well, it drove a complete redeployment of our team and it has been a journey that we have had to all commit to. Through this journey we have been able to increase our results over each prior year, with a more discernible account review of the total value of business that the customer is bringing to us. We have created a culture of embracing challenges as it gives us an opportunity to problem solve, in turn, making things better for internal and external customers. ”

Q: And finally, what would be your best advice to strengthen a business’ agility in today’s changing world?

  • melissa-masitto
    – “Get out of the way and create that safe environment. At Hyatt, our purpose is to care for people so they can be their best. It is at the core of all we do and behind every decision we make. This also means to unleash our colleagues, so they can be themselves because…”

    Authenticity beats perfection every time!

Changing Point is currently supporting the Hyatt Sales Force Team in London to keep their creative spark and innovative culture alive as they continue to evolve and grow.